About the tile you know they borrowed a in the the other part this time so it was a lot of calculation to make sure that the towel was there properly behind this we have a waterproofing membrane covering a sealed on the edges of concrete boards so we use half-inch pompadours the waterproofing membrane the screws are appropriate for this.

Then we’ll use the tile with a cleaner enhance tinted cement and this is so Samantha is used for walls and for flooring and I found it very practical real strong River fairly flexible inside my anxiety we have a QC table middle have done some something or some nice jets inside obviously you know the nice whirlpool system and what it is that I actually.

pulled it the filling valve over the yellow downspout there and I put the shower head on top this is a rain shower head it was pretty big you know the other cascade feeling there’s a rain shower head right in the middle so you can actually enjoy your your your bath or you know your showers that are like bending down trying to reach to into your shower head you know.

it’s not fried it was not Best Bathroom Remodeling NJ good for people that require some some sort of physical care now the other thing is that it the handle is right here something always an online-only in the shower we’ll put a little higher for a convenience but here the purpose when I lay down a little bit is a new arena in a shower situation if you want to control the water in a fairly good way so you can do you you’re losing some temperature you want to regulate from here and it’s our safety feature as well I mean in some states actually they’re requiring that you don’t exceed a certain height for the shower handle so you know just for emergency and also I mean when you have something that you can put your hand on you can.

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