All ahead of time and then picking bathroom remodeling contractors up sections putting the motor down and reapplying the sections would be the best way to do it with the small tile there’s inch spacers inhere look like that and at the larger title there’s one quarter-inch holds them in place plus guides you and now it’s just a matter of cutting the diamond pattern is cool bust’s a lot of extra work here’s particularly interesting cut I’ll show you the saw that I’m using it’s a wet saw but like any saw most saws cuts in straight lines so going.

on the curve like this basically you measure from here to here to here mark it on the wire in the middle cut in cut in so there’s a I did that now obviously it’s too tight son marked it again and I’m going to makes deeper V a little bit complicated but just go slow I did try it a tile breaker and you I tried that for about ten minutes before I took it back to Home Depot got myself a tile saw it’s a wet saw actually the cheapest one but it’s doing just fine water that you pour hinterland as the blade spins around its carbide blade there’s no teeth it’s got this gritty surface here that cuts into the tile as it spins and as it goes into the bottom.

it takes up water and keep sit cool I’ll put it up here and hold it with both hands and I’ll cut from hereto here and then I’ll spin it around test from here to here now make sure you have this down and wear your safety glasses I’ll just start your cut bandit’s a pretty slow cut just from here to here is probably going to take a minute maybe a little more from here to here another minute it’s porcelain tile and-like ceramic.

Tile it is can break pretty easily so you have to go kind of slows with enough cuts you can make a curve using a wet saw alright all the tile has been cut and placed into positions no wit’s time to mortar well it’s coming-along started day two of the tile here actually date.

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