We chose to use pebble rocks forthe shower floor the rocks are naturaland the real they come in sheets and go rather quickly all the seams are finished off with mesh tape and thin set mortar Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

The walls are now prepped to start the wall tile the title will go from the shower floor to the ceiling we have drawn up a pattern on paper for the layout of the fields tile chair rail moldings top crown and decorative tile inserts this pattern is done through out the bathroom shower and on one entire wall outside.

Thes-Howery UAs we finish up the tile and wallpaper it’s time to start the barn wood trim we went to the Amish country side in Ohio to fetch these unique-year-old wooden beams and planks from a dairy barn they were tearing down.

It didn’t take long tofind one of the barn wood beams out ofthe pile to match the corner but it did take some time measuring and cutting it to replicate a barren corner post thebarn wood beams were also quarter sawn into smaller pieces and used for the upper crown moldings.

The original barnwood joists and corner bracing were used to create the mir frame and door casingthe vanity is also made from the oldbarn wood we use the barn siding battenstrips and braces from the old barnthere are also custom made wooden blackwalnut hinges on this piece of art work.

This vanity top is very heavy and iscustom made with coloured concretewhen the barnwood is sanded it just brings out that texture and color thatmakes this wood so unique the actualbarn siding and batten strips are usedfor the wainscoting.

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