This little hole towel rack that’s falling down multiple times it’s really the only thing even someone redeeming of this bathroom is this archway that sort of sets it off as you know older home architecture but even that’s going to go Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

So yeah this is pretty disgusting bathroom and pretty much it’s all going to be gone three down there’s no ventilation in here whatsoever except for the broken window which like I said doesn’t work it can behold open with that stick totally cool.

So I’m just going to tear it all out cuzI’m fun demolitions stage in process got the recruits here yeah so far shove it shove the garbage and show OHso day number two so shower will go their vertical toilet they’re pretty much.

How things hadn’t figured it out this will be a glass brick when there was a dry retweet moldy fiberglass insulation you can see the woods pretty we actually quite wet too little bit of mold happening but structurally.

I think we’re still pretty sound if you get down past this first layer the woods kind of wet but it’s not totally damaged and cracked so I think in the next week or so it’ll dry out nicely dude so next we’ll be installing the fan up there and figuring out and rewiring the electric basically.

There’one switch and one electric box before I know I’m going to have to have a double switch at least one for the light one for the fan and probably an electrical outlet here on both sides of the mirror or at least one having an electrical outlet on this side would be a good idea.

Just need to think about that for a little bit and then I’ll start doing the electrical but for now get you cross something off the list here demo done well today we start the wiring and I have it figured out there’s going to be a fan up Bathroom Remodeling Service.

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