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About the tile you know they borrowed a in the the other part this time so it was a lot of calculation to make sure that the towel was there properly behind this we have a waterproofing membrane covering a sealed on the edges of concrete boards so we use half-inch pompadours the waterproofing membrane the screws are appropriate for this.

Then we’ll use the tile with a cleaner enhance tinted cement and this is so Samantha is used for walls and for flooring and I found it very practical real strong River fairly flexible inside my anxiety we have a QC table middle have done some something or some nice jets inside obviously you know the nice whirlpool system and what it is that I actually.

pulled it the filling valve over the yellow downspout there and I put the shower head on top this is a rain shower head it was pretty big you know the other cascade feeling there’s a rain shower head right in the middle so you can actually enjoy your your your bath or you know your showers that are like bending down trying to reach to into your shower head you know.

it’s not fried it was not Best Bathroom Remodeling NJ good for people that require some some sort of physical care now the other thing is that it the handle is right here something always an online-only in the shower we’ll put a little higher for a convenience but here the purpose when I lay down a little bit is a new arena in a shower situation if you want to control the water in a fairly good way so you can do you you’re losing some temperature you want to regulate from here and it’s our safety feature as well I mean in some states actually they’re requiring that you don’t exceed a certain height for the shower handle so you know just for emergency and also I mean when you have something that you can put your hand on you can.

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Calibrated I’m sure Super Tinters so they can work in court and they hold the meter on one side and something else on the other side and it measures the light going through and on that basis they can give you a ticket so don’t just assume you know I’m close I’ll be okay not so an officer may very well have a light reading machine and he can tell if you are % or percent how much light is passing through.

so that’s and covering it let’s go around and look at my windshield and that will show you one of my doors I’m gonna open the door and let you look through it you can see what -percent looks like from the inside looking from the outside this appears to be very dark but when you’re inside a lot of light passes through you can see through this very very easily so I can see out no problem I mean this does not obstruct my vision at night during the day at anytime no problems at all but it still will be illegal.

In some states at thirty five percent so this is the reason that I’m so concerned about the window tinting and that’s Cody I really love my dog and I want him to have a good as good life as I can give him so let me let me move the window up and down and it just really makes a huge difference for him today we’re going to turn a side window on a Scion we’re going to use the two stage method which is my favorite technique okay this is the two stage method this is the method that.

I prefer because I don’t have to remove a door panel and I think I can do it a little quicker than I could having to remove a door panel but the first thing I always like to do is simply clean my work area I want to use my spray ball this is a what I’ve per-mixed with a little bit of Johnson’s baby shampoo the way I like to mix it and I just thoroughly coat everything then I’m going to take my absorbed I like to.




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All ahead of time and then picking bathroom remodeling contractors up sections putting the motor down and reapplying the sections would be the best way to do it with the small tile there’s inch spacers inhere look like that and at the larger title there’s one quarter-inch holds them in place plus guides you and now it’s just a matter of cutting the diamond pattern is cool bust’s a lot of extra work here’s particularly interesting cut I’ll show you the saw that I’m using it’s a wet saw but like any saw most saws cuts in straight lines so going.

on the curve like this basically you measure from here to here to here mark it on the wire in the middle cut in cut in so there’s a I did that now obviously it’s too tight son marked it again and I’m going to makes deeper V a little bit complicated but just go slow I did try it a tile breaker and you I tried that for about ten minutes before I took it back to Home Depot got myself a tile saw it’s a wet saw actually the cheapest one but it’s doing just fine water that you pour hinterland as the blade spins around its carbide blade there’s no teeth it’s got this gritty surface here that cuts into the tile as it spins and as it goes into the bottom.

it takes up water and keep sit cool I’ll put it up here and hold it with both hands and I’ll cut from hereto here and then I’ll spin it around test from here to here now make sure you have this down and wear your safety glasses I’ll just start your cut bandit’s a pretty slow cut just from here to here is probably going to take a minute maybe a little more from here to here another minute it’s porcelain tile and-like ceramic.

Tile it is can break pretty easily so you have to go kind of slows with enough cuts you can make a curve using a wet saw alright all the tile has been cut and placed into positions no wit’s time to mortar well it’s coming-along started day two of the tile here actually date.

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This little hole towel rack that’s falling down multiple times it’s really the only thing even someone redeeming of this bathroom is this archway that sort of sets it off as you know older home architecture but even that’s going to go Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

So yeah this is pretty disgusting bathroom and pretty much it’s all going to be gone three down there’s no ventilation in here whatsoever except for the broken window which like I said doesn’t work it can behold open with that stick totally cool.

So I’m just going to tear it all out cuzI’m fun demolitions stage in process got the recruits here yeah so far shove it shove the garbage and show OHso day number two so shower will go their vertical toilet they’re pretty much.

How things hadn’t figured it out this will be a glass brick when there was a dry retweet moldy fiberglass insulation you can see the woods pretty we actually quite wet too little bit of mold happening but structurally.

I think we’re still pretty sound if you get down past this first layer the woods kind of wet but it’s not totally damaged and cracked so I think in the next week or so it’ll dry out nicely dude so next we’ll be installing the fan up there and figuring out and rewiring the electric basically.

There’one switch and one electric box before I know I’m going to have to have a double switch at least one for the light one for the fan and probably an electrical outlet here on both sides of the mirror or at least one having an electrical outlet on this side would be a good idea.

Just need to think about that for a little bit and then I’ll start doing the electrical but for now get you cross something off the list here demo done well today we start the wiring and I have it figured out there’s going to be a fan up Bathroom Remodeling Service.

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Your contractor might also or might not use a rest room reworking take a look at the list. when you have one, but, you can ask that it’s used. it will keep expenses in stock past the price range. it is going to be your sports mean. it could then lead you auspices taking place into your lavatory faster Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

The bathroom remodeling test list we control to pay for here may additionally oscillate from others, however, it can be tailored to meet your desires. you may throb lists, honestly. make one a listing of necessities, and the second a listing of elective matters you would behind for your toilet remodel if available.

Earlier than you start a toilet modernize, sanction a technology to layout the carried out room. there are some of the helpful virtual design software program packages you can use if you are acting it yourself.

You can nonattendance the popular Tuscany theme or a vintage layout. in case you employ an expert clothier, comfort yourself next to her upon this step inside the lower back excruciating ahead. examine samples and photographs of tiles, paint, fixtures, and matter substances.

With your design finished, you already know what you are seeking to attain for your lavatory rearrange. your way to profit lets in from your town or county. if you are the use of the facilities of contractors, be encompass all allows are so as via now accomplishment out is started.

Will your toilet remodeling venture influence scary partitions or refinishing them? if partitions are to be moved, this will be step one. you may long to accumulate an additional window or move a gate as a part of your bathroom reorganize. plan on goal How to Stage a Bathroom.

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We chose to use pebble rocks forthe shower floor the rocks are naturaland the real they come in sheets and go rather quickly all the seams are finished off with mesh tape and thin set mortar Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

The walls are now prepped to start the wall tile the title will go from the shower floor to the ceiling we have drawn up a pattern on paper for the layout of the fields tile chair rail moldings top crown and decorative tile inserts this pattern is done through out the bathroom shower and on one entire wall outside.

Thes-Howery UAs we finish up the tile and wallpaper it’s time to start the barn wood trim we went to the Amish country side in Ohio to fetch these unique-year-old wooden beams and planks from a dairy barn they were tearing down.

It didn’t take long tofind one of the barn wood beams out ofthe pile to match the corner but it did take some time measuring and cutting it to replicate a barren corner post thebarn wood beams were also quarter sawn into smaller pieces and used for the upper crown moldings.

The original barnwood joists and corner bracing were used to create the mir frame and door casingthe vanity is also made from the oldbarn wood we use the barn siding battenstrips and braces from the old barnthere are also custom made wooden blackwalnut hinges on this piece of art work.

This vanity top is very heavy and iscustom made with coloured concretewhen the barnwood is sanded it just brings out that texture and color thatmakes this wood so unique the actualbarn siding and batten strips are usedfor the wainscoting.